One particular fan at Tuesday’s G-League matchup between the Oklahoma City Blue and the Rio Grande Valley Vipers won’t have to worry about her dinner plans for the next year.

The fan, whose name is Stephanie, participated in the event at State Farm Arena, during a break in the action. She was tasked with shooting basketballs into four large cans, with a chance to win free Whataburger for a year.

There was a lot on the line, and Stephanie delivered. She got off to a good start by draining her first shot, and eventually moved on to the final can — which was placed pretty far away — with less than 20 seconds remaining. After a few misses, the pressure was on, and Stephanie drained a clutch shot, on what was likely her second-to-last attempt. Only three seconds remained, but Stephanie emerged victorious, and won free Whataburger for one year.

We’re happy for Stephanie, as that was fun to watch. We’re also hungry.

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