The Kansas City Chiefs announced Saturday afternoon the franchise added running back Akeem Hunt to the official 53 man roster. Yet again, the Chiefs released C.J. Spiller, to create room to add the second Hunt onto the roster. Hunt brings youth, and special teams experience to the team, as well as an extra body capable of playing running back. He is currently the third string running back behind Kareem Hunt, and Charcandrick West. Akeem Hunt, and Kareem Hunt may become a confusing duo, but at the same time an exiting, and young duo, playing the game of football with persistent exuberance.


College Background

A former Purdue Boilermaker, Hunt was a reliable option for the team. Hunt’s career stats resulted in 2,035 rushing yards, with 17 total touchdowns. On special teams, Hunt combined for 1,747 yards, with three returns for touchdowns, and averaged 23.6 yards per return.

Nearly one half of Hunt’s 2,035 total rush yards came in his senior year campaign, where he rushed for a team high 949 yards, with six total touchdowns. In his 2014 season is where the NFL scouts began to hear about the Boilermaker. Hunt showed in his senior year that he is a well-rounded football player, with a high ceiling. Hunt’s 4.4 forty yard dash speed shines on the football field. After a film study, Hunt showed shiftiness, and agility when his number was call, and owns an attractive ability to make cuts on the dime, while never decreasing tremendously in speed.

NFL Background

Unfortunately, Hunt’s successful senior year was overshadowed by many, as he left the 2015 NFL draft as an undrafted free agent. With his numbers, and highlight film, Hunt was not on the market long. Hunt signed with the New York Giants, only to be released three days later. Following his attempt to make a roster in New York, he found himself on the Baltimore Ravens practice squad, but was released a few weeks later.

After he was released by two different teams, Hunt found himself a thriving in a  comfortable home in Texas. Hunt signed with the practice squad for the Houston Texans. For the Texans, they found themselves an underrated running back due to his speed, and his flashy running scheme. In reward, Hunt found himself on his first official roster.

In Houston, Hunt sparked his first stats in the NFL. Hunt totaled 205 total rushing yards, but netted zero touchdowns. Though these are not exhilarating numbers, Hunt’s ceiling still attracts many NFL teams – especially the Kansas City Chiefs.

How Hunt Benefits the Kansas City Chiefs

After the bewildering circumstances revolving around veteran Spiller, Hunt officially won the fourth string running back roster spot. Hunt will bring another dimension capable of making plays in the backfield. He will more than likely not get sufficient minutes on the field, but he still has the ceiling to make plays here and there for the team.

Hunt is not the only undrafted running back on the roster, fellow teammate Charcandrick West was undrafted as well. So who knows, Hunt may be the next West in the making. Though he has not performed live game action for the team, expect Hunt to get a few snaps every once in awhile, given the correct situation.

If Hunt has positive production, it will more than likely occur on special teams. During the preseason, the team shuffled around players to experiment in finding the best returner on the team. Now that superstar Tyreek Hill has found himself with a deemed starting role on the team, the special teams now is left to find a new exciting kick-returner. Hunt will more than likely battle for that spot on special teams with teammate De’Anthony Thomas.

This is a good problem to have, as the team now has options on who will return kickoffs. From here on out, it will be very interesting to see who wins the roster spot, and what happens to the odd man out.

Clark Hunt, Kareem Hunt, Akeem Hunt

Not only does Hunt bring vital playmaking skills to the team, he also creates a very interesting twist to the team not even related to the overall game of football – the last name Hunt. Team owner Clark Hunt, rookie phenom Kareem Hunt, and now the newest name on the team roster – Akeem Hunt, may be one of the more confusing situation in Kansas City, and even the NFL.

Though it may not hurt the production of the team, it may disarray the commentators attempting to lack confusion distinguishing between Kareem Hunt, and Akeem Hunt. Lucky for them though, Clark Hunt will more than likely not be wearing a Chiefs Jersey with the name Hunt sewn into the back of the jersey.

Akeem Hunt – Welcome To The Team

Hunt will add another play maker to the roster, but do not expect him to be a high contributor. Hunt is a nice addition to the team, and has the chance of helping the team out on offense as undrafted free agent, sort of like West. Though their games may not be the same, it would still be an A+ to the coaching staff to develop yet another undrafted free agent. Welcome to Kansas City Akeem Hunt, Chiefs Kingdom welcome you with open arms.

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