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Author: George Daus

Where Are the 2016-2017 Celtics now – Free Agents

I covered the players that got traded in my most recent article. The players that left via free agency had some say in their new contracts. A lot of these guys would have loved to stay on the Celtics. The fact of the matter is we couldn’t afford to re-sign everyone from last year’s team. Some of the most difficult decisions Danny Ainge made in the offseason was who fit into the team’s long-term plans, and who he would have to let go. The players that were lost all found great spots for their careers, and should be happy...

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Where Are the 2016-2017 Celtics Now- Trades

With the early success, and the new-look Boston Celtics have had, it’s easy to forget how the team looked a year ago. Eleven guys, from star player to the end of the bench, and everything in between, no longer wear the green. The 2016-2017 Celtics were full of overachievers. The team couldn’t afford to keep everyone. The roster overhaul was one for the ages. I felt it was necessary to take a look around the league to see how these former Celtics are doing in their new roles. This will be a two-part article, first covering the players that...

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Jayson Tatum Wins Eastern Conference Rookie of Month for December

NOT A TRADE CHIP, A BUILDING BLOCK When I was 19, I was just trying to figure out how to pay rent and tuition. At the same age, Jayson Tatum is proving he can play at a high level in the NBA despite still being in his teens. Plus, I can only assume has no problems paying bills on time. It’s easy to see Tatum is light years ahead of his peers, but hard to imagine what his ceiling might be. “I don’t think water will find its level because I don’t think there’s a level with Tatum, because...

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LeBron Knows the Answer to the Big Question About Kyrie

“…I don’t have any advice for him now. I got no advice for him or any other people that’s on any other team. Noooo.. Listen man we trying to win a championship here, I don’t have time to give advice to other guys…” LeBron seemed sincere in his opening press conference for the season, and it’s a fair point to not want to help players that aren’t helping you win a championship. The thing is, LeBron has been giving advice to all kinds of young players in a very public manner after games. We saw it with Lonzo Ball....

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Earlier this week, the legendary Kobe Bryant had not one, but two jerseys retired in the Staples Center in LA. He put up amazing stats in both #8 & #24, and when asked, was hard-pressed to choose between the two. “It’s really, really tough for me. I think 24 was more challenging, and I tend to gravitate to things that are harder to do. And physically for me it was really, really hard for me to get up, night-in and night-out, man. It’s a grind. … Thinking on the Boston Celtics. Having a bone fragment in my foot during...

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On the Road with the Celtics: Indiana Pacers

If you ask me, one of the coolest environments to be in is an NBA arena. This holds even more true of the game is close late, which was the situation last night in Indianapolis. I hit the road for the game, so I wanted to write a little recap and share what it was like in Bankers Life Fieldhouse. There’s no place quite like the Boston Garden for a game, but the people of Indiana sure do love their basketball (just ask Larry Bird.) The Celtics already came to Indy and won in November. That was a close...

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