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Yadier Molina Helps

As of this posting, 80.9% of residents in Puerto Rico do not have power. 4/5ths of a United States territory that (as of 2016) counts 3,411,307 people as residents have no electricity. So… As of this posting, there are 2,759,747 United States residents that do not have power. Here are entire states that have less than 2, 759,747 residents: Wyoming (563,626) Vermont (625,741) North Dakota (672,591) Alaska (710,231) South Dakota (814,180) Delaware (897,934) Montana (989,415) Rhode Island (1,052,567) New Hampshire (1,316,470) Maine (1,328,361) Hawaii (1,360,301) Idaho (1,567,582) Nebraska (1,826,341) West Virginia (1,852,994) New Mexico (2,059,179) Nevada (2,700,551) That is...

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Cardinals Looking For Bullpen Help While Cubs Return to NLCS

I guess I could talk about this… Once #Rockies closer Greg Holland formally declines his player option, the #STLCards plan to pounce as they search for closer — Bob Nightengale (@BNightengale) October 12, 2017 According to an article by Jon Heyman, Holland will opt out of his 15M player option for 2018 and seek a contract in the same 4-year/62M range that Mark Melancon recently got from the Giants. But if I did talk about that, then I’d remember how the Giants went from an 87-75  team in 2016 to a 64-98 team in 2017 by eschewing a big...

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